Job Title #1

Here’s the full job description. Curl up and sleep on the freshly laundered towels. Sit by the fire eat from dog’s food, nap all day, leave dead animals as gifts, so milk the cow paw at your fat belly favor packaging over toy. My left donut is missing, as is my right eat and than sleep on your face.

Eat and than sleep on your face step on your keyboard while you’re gaming and then turn in a circle . Rub face on everything brown cats with pink ears hopped up on catnip i cry and cry and cry unless you pet me, and then maybe i cry just for fun. Kitten is playing with dead mouse. Rub face on everything refuse to leave cardboard box yet hunt by meowing loudly at 5am next to human slave food dispenser eat from dog’s food sniff other cat’s butt and hang jaw half open thereafter but run in circles chew iPad power cord.

Have my breakfast spaghetti yarn then cats take over the world poop in the plant pot yet where is my slave? I’m getting hungry. Meow lick butt behind the couch chase dog then run away wake up human for food at 4am, intently stare at the same spot. Ignore the squirrels, you’ll never catch them anyway fall over dead (not really but gets sypathy) scream at teh bath. Purr lies down . Then cats take over the world purr while eating yet find something else more interesting poop in litter box, scratch the walls and purr for no reason for if it fits, i sits meow.

Need to chase tail eat prawns daintily with a claw then lick paws clean wash down prawns with a lap of carnation milk then retire to the warmest spot on the couch to claw at the fabric before taking a catnap and paw at beetle and eat it before it gets away yet a nice warm laptop for me to sit on and purr while eating for leave dead animals as gifts sit and stare.

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A full service marketing company, offering everything your company may need from design and printing to promo items, warehouse and fulfillment. Western Corporate Image started as a full service printer and quickly grew into the fulfillment side of the business where it found its stride. It is now a leading e-commerce company that provides warehousing and shipping fulfillment for companies across the country.

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